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To all my friends asking me if I am going to withdraw my child from Chrisland School because
 of this alleged rape, the answer is a big NO.

This situation is indeed unfortunate. Unfortunate that maybe indeed a 2 year old was defiled, Unfortunate that the future of the man accused hangs on the testimony of this 2 year old, unfortunate that this poor man has been judged guilty and his pictures spread over all the papers and social media even before a trial. Does this mean that men should now be scared to work in schools?  And the very misleading headline that says “Video of a child being raped’. It is not a video but a transcript of an interview of a 2 year old.  I know Chrisland well, as I have children who have finished from the primary and secondary schools.  My son was in the same class as the girl whose mother claims she was raped in the school premise. I wonder how this can be possible, in a class that has a teacher and an assistant minding them. Did they not notice the child was missing? There have been times when I have gotten new staff and sent them to pick up my child and they have been turned back because I haven’t registered them. Chrisland will not allow just anyone to pick up those children from the classes. How then was this child removed from her class without ANYONE noticing?

 I am happy that Mr. Adenekan has a SAN defending him Pro bono, apparently a parent from the school he taught at before Chrisland.  If he hadn’t though, a few of us parents at the Chrisland VGC School would have come together to pay.

I was curious to find out what’s going on and a few of the staff I am close to said some things to make me wonder why the devil is attacking this man, first of all I asked if he was caught and they said no that a parent came and reported that she thinks her child was touched and a two year old was the one who mentioned his name, and with the way some children are, you can just be asking them some questions and they start to nod and say yes to everything, until they believe what they’ve been saying yes to the whole time is true. But this same child has now been able to draw a man’s private part, how does that even make any sense? Really? After one time or a few times of allegedly seeing a man’s privates she can now draw one. A 2 year old child would even struggle to draw the pencil they can see as they are using to draw at that same time not to talk about a man’s private part, I just pray to God that she hasn’t been tutored on how to do this. It took a parent 2 weeks to come and complain and also she told the man to still be nice to her daughter? 

Does that mean that she was sending her daughter back to school everyday knowing that there was a high chance that she would be touched again before she comes back home? I don’t know about every mother but myself and most of the people I know would go and scatter the school the next day and arrest the culprit if we really think anything happened. I just hope this little girl wasn’t touched at home because domestic workers can be funny but I know it was not Mr Adenekan and I pretty much doubt it happened in that school or I won’t still be a parent at the school.

My sincere appeal is to the media; let the court try this poor man and not the public. We all do not have the facts of the case.  As far as I know, one is innocent until proven guilty. Also please be aware that this poor child needs her anonymity.

By The Grace of God, all our children passed through Chrisland School Vgc, over 12 years now from preschool till they all graduated and we have not heard such horrible news. Chrisland’s first priority is the children always. This whole story is simply from the pit of hell and a major distraction aimed at tarnishing the image of this great brand. The Lord is on The Throne.

Needless to say, I am a Proud Chrisland Parent
Pastor Mrs Okafor.

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