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Politics: Kogi West Youth Movement

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Brothers and Sister of Kogi West Senatorial District

We the above mentioned are calling on all men and women of conscience at this critical time in our history as sons and daughters of Kogi West Senatorial District

The time has come for us to rewrite our history collectively as a people. 2019 General Elections are coming closer and considering the exigencies of time we are presenting a suitable candidate with the capacity, ability and capability to take our dear senatorial district  to greater heights.
This is none other than the revivalist Demokun Joseph,  This is a young man of proven character, a unionist per excellence,a philanthropist, an activist of high repute and the definition of political loyalty.

Demokun Joseph has touched lives while serving at various levels, his philanthropy knows no boundary.

Having been a grassroot mobilizer in previous elections with proven credentials, our thousands of members, supporters and well wishers; both young and old have thrown their support behind him come 2019

Indeed Demokun Joseph coming into the race is an evident that God has answered our prayer in Kogi West.

Demokun Joseph possesses the leadership potentials required to liberate our people from penury into a position of prosperity, hence the need to support his aspiration wholeheartedly.

It is on this note that we are calling on the general public, irrespective of political diversity to rally around Comrade Demokun Joseph for Kogi West Senator come 2019 for our general good.

History and posterity will never forget our collective labour of love, which if we materialize, generations to come will remember us for making

Comr Paul Ayodele
The coordinator Kogi West Youth Movement

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