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AFN declares $150,000 the IAAF mistakingly paid the federation missing

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The IAAF eroneously paid Nigeria $150,000 instead of $15,000. They want the excess back, but the money has dissappeared
The International Association of Atlethics Federation will soon decide on a decision regarding the $150,000 eroneous payment the body credited to the acoount of the Atlethic Federation of Nigeria (AFN)N 

The international body was supposed to send the sum of $15,000 as yearly grant payment to the (AFN) but mistakingly paid the sum of $150,000. The IAAF Accountants later discovered the mistake and demanded the excess payment to be refunded back to the IAAF, but was told the AFN doesnt know the whereabout of the money.  

The revelation has led to an uproar in the Sport Ministry and a lot of finger pointings.  

AFN Vice-President, Olamide George has denied knowledge of the fund, saying "I think the money came just when we were taking over from the past adminsistration." 

"The Secretary was transferred from AFN before, but the sports minister (Solomon Dalung) brought him back. They should tell Nigerians what happened to the IAAF money." 

It is not yet clear what happend to the money, or who synchoned it, or for what purpose it was used for. 

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