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#BBNaija has been pretty predictable so far. That is about to change

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Leo and Ifu, last night, became the latest housemates to exit the Big Brother House. They had the smallest percentage of vote from all the nominated pairs. The fall outs of the eviction is that there are only 10 housemates left in the house, and we are now at the half-stage of the game. 

The remaining housemates are: 

Teddy A

And these housemates are predictably the strongest of the lot that started the game six week ago. Many observers knew the likes of Angel, Princess, Vandora, Leo, and even Ifu were not particularly strong contestants, and the results from the voting have proved to form. 

That coupled with the forced pairing from the get go actually made predicting who would leave a tad easy - if an housemates was paired with a weak contestant, there was a big chance that the pair are likely to leave the house once nominated.  It was the case with Ahneeka and Angel, and to some extent, even Leo and Ifu. 

With the current set though, apart from two or three, every other housemates seem to be on the same pedestral, fan wise, and how they make new fans, or develop new alliances will be the difference going forward. I dont expect the same level of predictabilty that was palpable before to still be so. 

That luxury is no longer the case now, as from this week, every housemates is for himself. There will be no one to look after another like Lolu and CeeC. And that is where the real game starts. 

Let the fun begin! 

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