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#BBNaija Recap: CeeC, Tobi and the dangers of swimming in crocodie infested waters

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There are people who break you down by being themselves, and yet make you feel it is your duty to change them. They need not change for you, and seriously, sometimes, you shouldnt even try to change them. Sometimes you don't have to break down the Berlin Wall, or face their Gorbachev, especially if you can just walk out or around it. 

You may deeply love their poison, or its taste, or even believe since it hasn't killed you, it probably won't. But because it hasnt killed you doesnt mean it is healthy for you. 

Scientists believe Crocodies cry when they eat - but the tears isn't for the vanquished whose gut lines their stomach. That knowledge is the reason wise ones also advice us not to fall for "crocodie tears" 

Crocodies are one of the oldest species of animals in the world. A relic from when dinosaurs reigned the skies and animals as large as whales walked on land. They are almost pre-historic, like something out of this age. Stealth and destruction of bones and body parts are their arts. And of course, they are toxic for humans. 

And like Zombies, you can't negotiate with them, especially when they are in their domicile. And they are only being thmeselves - which means they are out for your destruction. 

They are not in pain, and if they are, you are not responsible for resolving their issues. Infact, what looks like their pain can be dangerous for you. 

CeeC and Tobi highlights the dangers of such relationships, where the two are trying their hardest to change the other - through the use of stick mostly.  

Their relationship might seem on the right track at the moment, but is the basics right? 
Have they tackled their issues and the things that bring out the worse in each other? 

Remember, when a crocodie cries, do not be fooled. 

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