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#BBNaija Recap: Who evicted biggie?

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I can't shout. And so can't biggie. 

No one has heard his voice since morning, and I'm beginning to fear he has been evicted. Ok, maybe not evicted perse, but somthing seems to be wrong. 

Or maybe I'm just paronoia....sorry, paranoid. 

I mean we have a presentation to watch tonight and biggie is missing. 

And so is Alex, who has been changing to Leo's shadow by the minute, and ignorong her partner, Tobi, in the process. Things we do for love, right. Yet one would hope the weight of 45million should be enough to bend cupid's arrow.  

CeeC is again in the news - when is she never - it is a good thing though. Not good - good, more like bad - good. I hope I'm not confusing you. Anyways, she defined beauty as CeeC, and CeeC as beauty.  Is it for want of proper expression - i mean, she couldn't just say "you understand?" - or she actually thinks she should be the definition of beauty? She is beautiful, but so are some species of snake. 

Today generally was boring, and didnt live up to yesterday's drama. Most housemates seem to be on their best behavior. Whether it is the presentation coming up or the eviction which is also close, it is clear something is at the back of their minds. 

Or maybe they are just missing biggie

By the way, who knows where he is? 

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