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GAME RESET: #BBNaija Housemates react to Khloe and Anto's return to the game

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Did you sleep last night? 
Well, I did, but only just. I joined many, posssibly millions across Africa who stayed awake to see how Khloe and Anto would be sneaked back into the house and also importantly, the reaction of the housemates on seeing them. 

Last week, Big Brother announced that two evicted housemates would be allowed back into the game to play for the money, and that got a lot of people talking, especially considering they would be voted back in. A lot of commentators wanted to know why they should vote for housemates who were already evicted for not having enough vote, yet their fans went all out, trying to get their favourite back into the house. It was akin to Nigerian politics, as campaign promises flew, some even presented manifestos - 45 million is a serious business in this recession. 

Khloe promised to set both Alex and CeeC straight; while Anto insisted she had unfinished business in the house - whatever that is - and even mentioned Lolu, trying, successfully, to get his fans to vote for her.  Even Dee One wasn't left out. The comedian tweeted a video of himself canvassing for votes. 

Yesterday, during the fake eviction show, the organisers announced the two winners and quite unsurprisingly, it was Khloe and Anto. The later was evicted a mere seven days ago, while the former was disqualified for misdemeanor. The catch was that they would be sneaked into the house at exactly 3AM Nigerian time. 

And with that revelation went people's sleep. The vigil was on. The double Wahala has to be seen. 
But it wasnt all that though. They tiptoed into the house in a bid not to wake the sleeping housemates and then went straight to bed. 

I should have slept. What is this? And i wasn't the only one asking the question. 

The returning housemates woke the sleeping ones with screams announcing their return, stationed at the upper suites of the house. The sleepy ones were perplexed, disorientated and surprised. The surprise later led to celebration, fake or not. And there were hugs and and more screaming. Except on the part of CeeC and Nina, who seemed not to be impressed with the move.

Now, the game is reset. We dont know the rules given to the returning housemates or whether they are allowed to talk to the others about what is happening outside, but there are some things coming to light. Anto is snobbing Lolu, and didnt even get him anything. He was the only housemate shje didnt get anything for. And Khloe is bent on causing Kasala in the house and isnt shying away from throwing her opinions about, not scared of eho iss hiLET THE GAMES BEGIN!

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