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By Seun Olaniyan

Writing Irresistible Headlines: Controversial headlines are catchy to the eye and will definitely draw the attention of surfers to the detail of your content,because they will pick interest in the whole set up just because of the headlines.The headline is the attention seeker that gets the endorsement of general readers in view.The headline is just as important as the content.

Content development and optimization: A catchy headline should definitely consist of a captivating story that will hold readers spell bound.It usually is not only about creating content but optimizing it to perfection;the efficiency of such content carries enough weight to gain traffic online.

Guest blogging: This will attract traffic in the sense that...the guest will carry along his followers through his/her influence and he/she will definitely retweet,repost such content on his/her page,and it will play to your advantage,because your platform gets more publicised according to the guest bloggers pedigree.

Engagement in comment section: By raising and debating in the comment section,you get lots of engagement.You can also post "call to action" contents with an engaging caption alongside.Followers and bloggers get drawn to insight and criticisms in the comment section because of thought provoking statements from comments. 

Blog consistently: The more you blog,the more followers you accumulate via your posts.Followers enjoy a consistent blog that captivates with multiple contents of interest.

Host Webinars:Webinar is the new trending means of reaching out to people or the audience. The promotion of webinars go a long way as you can also archive presentations for later viewing.
Ensure your site is accessible and fast:Readers like a site that is a click away from assessment.A fast and accessible site is visited in a large multitude because of the zero stress in accessibility. 

Post short contents or articles: Be brief and precise in your posts,as long posts usually bore readers.Be short and concise thereby hitting the nail on the head.

Also ensure to present something of value that give answers or solve peoples immediate needs.

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