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Killer illness, "Disease X" Threatens To Send Humanity To Extinction

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By Seun Olaniyan

The World Health Organization (WHO) Expert Committee warns about a mysterious,deadly,and unknown disease known as 'Disease X', capable of wiping out millions of humans from the surface of the earth.The illness has become the 9th illness,listed on the World Health Organizations radar. 

This disease has the capacity of spreading beyond measures without any proven cure or prevention method available.The unknown pathogen threatens on becoming an international epidermic,as medical advisers are clueless on steps or measures to be taken to curb the deadly disease.Some of the diseases in the WHO watchlist are:Ebola, HIV, SARS, ZIKA; while the Disease X is the only Illness that has an unknown cause and effect. 

The leakage of this disease by the WHO, is to enlighten the general public as a heads-up before the outbreak. The disease,according to WHO adviser John-Arne Rottingen:is likely to be the next big outbreak that has never been seen or witnessed before. 

The only available propounded theory about this killer illness is that;it is triggered by a biological mutation passed from animals to humans.This mystery illness can only be anticipated by the public with caution and care as It is still unknown when,how, and where the outbreak of the disease begins.It has been evaluated as a disease that threatens to wipe out a huge count of humanity. 

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