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What Businesses can learn from #BBNaija

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It isn't hard to hear someone say "BBNaija is a waste of time, and I don't quite understand what people see in it." While that statement is partly true, the speaker is disregarding the one thing that makes programs inportant - it is a social experiment. 

For shakers of industries and even serious politicians, the program holds an appeal, and shows the intricacies of choice and the psychology selling. 

Every one makes countless decisions every day, from when you wake up to when you go back to bed. Decisions like what to wear, eat and even who to call. These decisions may not have far reaching consequences, but their daily repetition is what makes everyone of us who we are. 

Big Brother reiterates the whys of choice and how they relate to the wider society, and for that, I think most should take it serious. Maybe not serious enough to vote, but serious enough to pay attention. 

The latest housemates to be evicted are both Bam Bam and TeddyA, and while you could argue that they are two of the most talented in the house, they still had issues connecting, not only with fellow housemates, but also with the voters. For both of them, first impression killed their game. 

Many felt Bam Bam was fake from the onset, and unfortunately, she was unable to change the perception, and wasn't helped by her association with TeddyA, another person people felt was not only arrogant, but proud. 

This is an inportant lesson - first impression matters, especially true for brands. What people pereceive of your business on first contact will be the lasting impression that will have, so make sure your first impression counts. It can be packaging and how you dress to a meeting, or the first ever job you do for a client. It all counts. And if the client has a negative perception of your business, you may have to spend countless hours trying to change it, and like BamBam and TeddyA, still come out unsuccessful. 

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