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Not So Easy After All: Henry Is Feeling The Heat And Blasting His Own Players

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Remember the impeccably dressed former Arsenal player analysing and stating why his former Manager was no longer good enough? I do too. Henry, with the aid of replays and hindsight had all the answers and delivered the right soundbites - well, if you think talking about everything else but tactics is the way to get a team successful.  

Like Neiville, whose sojourn in Valencia was as disastrous as it was career ending, Henry, as Monaco manager, is proving it is not so easy. 

His latest game, against Lyon, which ended 3-0 was an eyesore for fans of Monaco. Lyon looked bored for most of the game and even played with brakes on - that was how poor Monaco were. 

And what did Henry do? He laid into the players and blamed them for the loss. Yes, he hasn't stopped blaming people. This time, it isn't other managers for not seeing in real time what he saw numerous times on replay, it is his players who lack desire. 

After the game, he told France Football: 

“Against Dortmund (in the Champions League), I said, even if we knew we were already eliminated, I’m really upset because you cannot lose like that. Tonight, we did exactly the same thing,
“Look at the first two goals. On the first goal, we give them the ball for free.
“The second goal sums up the match for me. A pass of 35 meters I think from Denayer between two players. I cannot understand how that pass happens. Then there’s a guy who wants to focus, to score and one who does not want to defend.
“You can play four or five defenders but with a lack of desire, it’s hard to win a football match. It was a lack of desire tonight on the goals. So, no excuses, no excuses.
“I think we made life too easy for Lyon. On the goals, we are at fault. We made the match too easy. It’s a heavy, hard defeat. Above all, when we make too many mistakes, a team like Lyon, which has many qualities, will score goals.
“We will have to do what there is to do against Guingamp and try to get out of the relegation zone before going on holiday." 

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