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Three Years Ago Today, Chelsea Sacked Jose Mourinho. Is History About To Repeat Itself?

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Jose Mourinho was sacked on this day three years ago, and there is a feeling of Deja vu in the air already after Manchester United's poor display against rivals, Liverpool. 

Mourinho, who is used to being sacked and earning a big pay out, even accepted that Liverpool were the better team, although that acknowledgement doesn't change the basics. The basics that Manchester United have been left behind by their rivals home and abroad. And the issues are all footballing, a result of United's poor planning off the field. 

It isn't knee jerk to say Mourinho's job is not safe, but the saving grace, for him and not for United, is that Woodward irrationally extended Mourinho's contract last season. That hasn't aged well, which is the same thing with appointing Mourinho in the first place. The whole world except Manchester United fans and its board saw it for what it was - a desperate decision from a team that has lost its ways. 

Mourinho has no excuse, but he won't stop coming up with one from thin air. The simple thing is that United lacked direction and attacking impetus and at best looked pedestrian in attack and lost in defence. It is almost as if they have not been coached or have refused to listen to the manager. 

That won't be the first time that would happen under Mourinho's watch. Dressing room bedlam has been part of Mourinho's legacy as much as his success. It was part of the reason was fired at Chelsea twice and at Madrid. And players like Pogba, Lukaku and Martial seem to have downed tools in protest. 

Yes, history is repeating itself as Mourinho's third season syndrome kicks in and he isolates himself from everyone including his own team. 

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