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Nigerian Government Announces The Affordability of Foodstuff

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Nigerian federal government has announced to citizens that the nation has achieved food sufficiency which will result in the affordability of foodstuff at cheaper prices soon.

Dr. Maimuna Habib, Director, Projects Coordinating Unit at the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development,  made this known in an interview with NAN against the backdrop of the 2019 World Food Day, on Thursday in Abuja.

In her statement, she said the country had gone into value addition of its commodities,with the attainment of food security.

”We have attained food sufficiency; all we need to do is to blow our trumpet because no foreigner will tell anybody what is happening in the country.

“Looking at all that is happening in the agricultural sector, we have gone into value addition of all our commodities from the North to the South, all over the country we have added value to all our products,” she said.

She also added that the border closure was done in the interest of the country and this has brought happiness to the farmers they can now make money from crop production.

“Most of the farmers are women and youths, we have trained them, we have empowered them and they are happy.”
“When we bring imported food into the country our own foods go nowhere, there is no market for us but now there is market, farmers are making more money.
“I am a farmer and I know how much I sold my maize and cowpea seeds recently,” she said.

while speaking on the high price of goods, she stated that it is a normal occurrence resulting from the border closure adding that prices will reduce as soon as local produce floods the market.

“The prices will soon crash, it’s just because people are feeling we do not have enough food to have closed the border, but we have enough food in the country,” Habib said.

My Frontpager recalls back in August when President Muhammadu Buhari had given approval for the partial closure of the nation’s borders to suppress smuggling and boost productivity.

Nevertheless, last week,  Controller-General of the Nigeria Customs Service, Hammed Ali, has announced the closure of the nation’s land borders to all forms of imports and exports until neighbouring countries agree on the kind of goods entering and exiting the country.

After the closure, recent reports released by the National Bureau of Statistics has already seen Nigeria’s inflation increase to 11.24%.

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